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by BlackDawn187 at 9:21 AM
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Hello once again,

This update is primarily to inform everyone that the server is currently open and, running in a limited mode. Right now I've only opened up the resource/survival world on the server. I would like to proceed with opening up other worlds. Though, If I were to do so the effects would be felt by everyone. Currently my budget barely permits me to run the server. So, Upgrading the server on a limited budget simply won't work. This is also why the BattleClans plugin is...
by BlackDawn187 at 10:16 AM
(237 Views / 1 Likes)

I've decided to post some information about the current status of the server and, some patches. So far, As you should have noticed, The website has received a new facelift. Bringing back some of the original colors of BattleCraft. We've also been modifying the server; Implementing new plugins, configuring existing plugins and, work has begun on creating a spawn point in the allocated resource world.

For those of you who have played on previous servers managed by...